Technolog provides water and gas utilities with solutions to facilitate efficient distribution networks for water & gas and meter reading. We have been providing solutions for water & gas distribution networks for over 30 years. By utilizing advanced pressure management, Technolog, a global leader in preventing water loss, reduces main breaks, and reduces pumping and chemical costs for utilities. Technolog has invested heavily in its battery-powered data loggers and electronic pressure controllers. Technlogic operates two data centers that collect data from hundreds of thousands of websites daily. This data is quality checked, written to utilities’ corporate systems, and can be viewed on an application-specific website. The company also provides direct training to customers on installation, commissioning, and maintenance to ensure the products perform at their best.

Technolog Services

Technolog Services GmbH , based in Hamburg – Germany, develops innovative design solutions, offers consultations, and conducts feasibility studies. TECHNOLOG has furthermore provided progressive and innovative engineering solutions, including project management, as well as technology transfer to shipowners, shipping companies, and shipyards since its founding in 1979.


TECHNOLOG is your partner for independent and qualified consultancy in the maritime sector. From the initial offer to successful handover, we assist you throughout the entire process with our expertise. We have gained extensive experience over the course of decades, and through several projects across the globe – from new-builds to ship-breaking, as well as alteration and extension projects, enabling us to advise on any undertaking within the life cycle of a ship or facility.


Innovative concepts for wide-ranging needs, from a 38 m tractor tug to a dual-fuel-powered container ship to a versatile offshore supply vessel. Technological advances are integrated into a highly efficient ship design – one of the distinguishing features of TECHNOLOG.