A QUICK GLANCE AT THE MIKO PARENT APP: As our reality develops increasingly associated, monitoring what our children ultimately depend on is an inexorably significant piece of present-day nurturing. The Miko 3 Robot gives your youngster a lot of cooperation by utilizing its man-made consciousness, making it simpler for your kid to both find out about innovation as well as keep them engaged. However, how would you monitor what your youngster is doing, associate with them by means of their Miko 3 Robot, or in any case keep steady over their internet-based content? The Miko 3 Parent application furnishes you with a lot of networks to effortlessly keep in contact with your kid’s life, in any event, when life is insane.
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The Miko project was established in 2015 as a high-level shopper advanced mechanics lab that needed to carry the best innovation to youngsters all over. Made by driving specialists, therapists, content engineers, and teachers, the Miko 3 Robot carry figuring out how higher than ever through best in class man-made consciousness, IoT, and advanced mechanics.

The Miko 3 Parent application is accessible in both the Play and Apple Stores, giving you unrivaled control of what’s going on in your youngster’s associated life. Assuming you have a Miko 3, you’ll need to get the parent application with the goal that you can dig into your robot. You’ll require the application during set-up to match your robot. However, from that point onward, there are many purposes for the application. You can utilize it to:

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Call your youngster for a video talk utilizing Mikonnect. The Connect application makes it simple for you to video call your youngster whenever the Miko 3 Robot is turned on. This gives you a protected, straightforward method for keeping in contact without stressing over your youngster having a cell phone that could prompt non-kid cordial substance.
Actually, take a look at your kid’s Miko 3 Robot use insights. From progress covers how your kid is doing in reinforcing language and perusing to insights regarding which applications your kid is investing the most energy in, Miko’s announcing framework makes it simple to track down every one of the subtleties. You can utilize the application’s Progress Reports to comprehend how your child is developing with the QUICK GLANCE MIKO PARENT APP.
Buy Miko Max content for your kid. To move forward with your youngster’s substance to incorporate premium choices, Miko Max gives a reasonable method for getting that going. A-Max membership gives your youngster admittance to more than 50,000 hours of content from Da Vinci Kids, Oxford University, Tiny Tusks, Cosmic children, and other extraordinary children’s content brands!
By utilizing your Miko 3 Parent application to supplement your kid’s Miko 3 Robot, you can guarantee that your kid is getting the best involvement in Miko, all through the accommodation of your cell phone. You can likewise stay in contact with video calls, giving you a lifesaver to arrive at your kid in a crisis and look at every one of the new games, riddles, stories, and highlights added to Miko consistently. Why not check it out today? You can observe it at the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.