There are business cards of all types and for all budgets. There are those who do not give due importance to this element of business identification, however, it is still very important since commercial relationships between companies and with clients or prospects have a fundamental human contact component. 

Knowing who we are talking to is essential, and being able to contact that person afterwards, either by phone, email and WhatsApp, among others, is essential. Today we share with you the most important elements that a business card must have, to be an effective tool.

1.- Paper quality

It is very important, since in addition to being durable, a card must attract attention for its quality, which speaks of the company that supports it.

2.- Engraving or enhancement

Digitally printed cards do not offer this feature and are therefore much lower in cost. An element of engraving or enhancement, either in the logo or in the typeface, denotes quality and elegance; it gives seriousness to the person who delivers it and is directly associated with the quality of their work.

3.- Logo and/or name of the brand/company

Visual communication is essential in a business card. The image of the brand or company that is present on the card must be the element that stands out the most, in order to be easily identified. You can see there are best logo designers on Fiverr list, get services from them, it’s easy.

4.- Basic information

The purpose of a business card is to facilitate contact after a personal meeting. You could leave out the address of your office, unless it is an office, for example. It is essential that you include your mobile phone and an email, since in addition to the office phone, they are the two most used means of establishing business or professional relationships.

5.- Functional and practical design

Surely we have all seen a black business card, with typography of the same tone but with a different finish. Without a doubt, there are designers who play with shapes and backgrounds, trying to innovate and modernize an art. 

However, it is important not to do so by compromising the functionality of the card per se. It is vital that the legibility is clear, that the contrast allows us to read or see the information easily; otherwise we can leave in the way, a contact that could have become a client.