Induction heating allows us to obtain heat quickly and maintain it continuously to apply it to industrial operations in the face of the need to weld or alter the properties of metals or other materials that conduct electricity.

This method, throughout induction heating equipment process, uses the electrical currents that are induced in the material to produce heat.

Induction heating processes have been used since the 1920s, when it was necessary to speed up their development in order to cover the demand for rapid supply in manufacturing generated by a war, “World War II”.

The development of this technology made it possible to create more reliable and faster processes to harden the metal parts of engines.

Induction heating equipment is made up of the following key components: an alternating current generator, an inductor coil and the part on which we are going to operate.

Through the coil, the generator will send alternating current thus creating a magnetic field. In this way, when we place the piece on which we are going to work in the coil, Foucault currents that come from the generated magnetic field affect it. 

This process will lead to the generation of the amounts of heat necessary for each intervention, a clean and focused heat without the need for contact between the workpiece and the coil. In this way we ensure that the piece does not suffer unwanted alterations. The piece that we want to work on heats up quickly while the device itself and the non-metallic/non-conductive components maintain their temperature.

As we have already said at the beginning induction melting furnace supplier, this heating through this technology occurs in both metals and non-metals that conduct electricity and is what is called the Joule effect, which is based on Joule’s first law.

Induction heaters for my company?

In the manufacture of the coil it is necessary to take into account that the power that is dissipated in it is quite high, but in Hergoros, we are experts in the manufacture of coils of all kinds, in their insertion and in their connection and we are the only company that has patented and manufactures its own induction heater with its own technology, the Hergoros Induction Heater.

Using induction heating equipment in the manufacturing processes, we achieve a powerful union between consistency, speed, energy use and maximum control, guaranteeing the proper treatment of the materials to be worked on and thus being responsible with the economy of our own company (generating , avoiding production stops, saving energy) and with the environment. In addition, given their safety, and above all, we take care of our workers, since we eliminate harmful emissions, smoke and direct exposure to high temperatures, among other advantages.

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