The SR CHARGE-LG4845 is a PWM Solar Controller (12/24/36/48V, 45/30A):

⦁ There is a LCM module on the controller that can display system parameters and status.

⦁ Once the battery voltage drops below the ascending charging recovery voltage, ascending charging begins automatically.

⦁ Dual temperature sensors make temperature compensation more accurate. The inner temperature sensor tests the inner temperature of the controller, and the outer temperature sensor tests the outer temperature.

⦁ Using the controller, users can easily assess the controller and the entire system based on the power of charge and discharge on a daily basis.

⦁ If the charging circuit exceeds the rated current, the controller will reduce the charge current to protect the circuit.

⦁ To prevent battery vulcanization, perform an equalizing charge every 30 days.

⦁ The controller operates in harsh environments thanks to industrial-grade chips and precision components.

⦁ The use of double MOS series control circuits and PWM dim control greatly enhances charging efficiency.

⦁ In addition, the parameter has a saving function that ensures that the parameter is not lost after the power goes out, thus improving the system’s reliability.

⦁ There are three types of load work modes: purely light-operated, light-operated plus time-controlled, and long-term on.