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Digital Adoption

Vital Arguments For Your Business To Adopt Digital Adoption

This modern age is rapidly moving toward a digital future. The majority of your clientele and staff members are becoming accustomed to living their lives online. The vast majority, if not all, of your rivals, have already switched to digital tools and subscription software. The term “digital transformation” refers to the process by which a …

Artificial Intelligence

‘Buzzing’ Artificial Intelligence is Currently the Hottest Prospect Technology in the World

Artificial Intelligence has certainly lived up to its expectations. The predictive learning algorithms have got us on the edge of our seats. As if the hype wasn’t enough, AI has started making inroads into our personal lives. From highly sensitive surgical activities to something as basic as answering general questions, artificial intelligence has taken over …

Induction Heaters

What Are Induction Heaters?

Induction heating allows us to obtain heat quickly and maintain it continuously to apply it to industrial operations in the face of the need to weld or alter the properties of metals or other materials that conduct electricity. This method, throughout induction heating equipment process, uses the electrical currents that are induced in the material …


SR CHARGE-LG4845 is a PWM Solar Controller (12/24/36/48V, 45/30A).

The SR CHARGE-LG4845 is a PWM Solar Controller (12/24/36/48V, 45/30A): ⦁ There is a LCM module on the controller that can display system parameters and status. ⦁ Once the battery voltage drops below the ascending charging recovery voltage, ascending charging begins automatically. ⦁ Dual temperature sensors make temperature compensation more accurate. The inner temperature sensor …

Application of Computer Techniques in Medicine

Application of Computer Techniques in Medicine

Computers are becoming increasingly popular every passing day amongst a wide section of people. With the advent of microcomputers in late seventies and their subsequent performance enhancement in eighties, computers have reached our homes. Computers have undoubtedly revolutionized our whole life style. Computer technology have tremendous applications in medical field, where it has the largest …